Where Christian teaching, life values and education meet! Trinity has been serving our community and its children since 1995.

Trinity Child Care is here to serve you and your children by teaching and demonstrating Christian and life values in a secure, caring, loving, age appropriate educational setting.

We invite your inquiries and involvement

* PDO is currently not offered at this time. Please continue to check the page for updates. .
* We follow the same schedule as the Sumner County
  School system (if they are not session, neither is PDO.)  
* The program is for children ages 9 months to Pre-K.   
* The registration fee is $25 with a $35 weekly fee.   
* Discounts are available for families enrolling more than one child.
* References upon request.

* Pre-admission interviews with teachers, directors and our pastor are encouraged.
* Tours of the facility can be scheduled at your convenience.
* Authorized caregivers are welcomed to visit our child care center at any time.
* Parental involvement in all school activities is welcomed and encouraged.
* Please call or come by for more information at any time
  during normal school hours Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
* For more information, please contact Marilyn Hartley, Program Director,
  at 615-452-9009 or Email: marilyn_hartley@trinitygallatin.org .

Christian Teaching

Our children are always learning:

* At home
* In child care
* From playmates
* From the examples they see
* Activities they have
* Love, joy, patience
* Kindness, goodness, faithfulness
* Gentleness and self control


Our goal at Trinity Child Care is to provide the most positive learning situation possible during the times your children are with us. Our emphasis will always be centered on your children experiencing and learning the fruits of the spirit from our staff and our school's environment. We truly believe that we can have a positive role with you in raising "up a child in the way he should go."

Life Values

Every one agrees that the values of early teachings are the basics of good morals and life values.
Early child care can play a very important role in their development. It is here and in the home that we first learn and practice:

* To give and share
* To respect the rights of others
* Basic priorities
* Responsibility
* Cleanliness and hygiene
* The value of good conduct
* The joy of physical activity
* Social Skills

While we may not totally agree with one best author's assessment that, "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten" we all recognize the importance of all the early influences in our children's formative years.


We understand the challenge to make learning fun and exciting. We take very seriously our role in working with all our children, toddlers through pre-Kindergarten, to assure continuous learning from the most basic of concepts to ensuring that the pre-schoolers are prepared academically for the readiness test upon entering kindergarten.

In a caring, nurturing and age appropriate structured environment, children learn best. It is our goal to provide this environment as we help to educate and provide positive reinforcement for all aspects of their lives - spiritual, mental, physical and emotional.